ZOOMTECH® technology: A revolution in the solar shading industry

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Explore the cutting-edge world of ZOOMTECH® technology, a patented innovation reshaping the solar shading and roller blinds industry. This breakthrough, particularly suited for XXL roller blinds and large glazing solutions, is a hallmark of precision engineering and aesthetic finesse.


Experience the difference with ZOOMTECH® technology:

ZOOMTECH® technology is a game-changer for those seeking reliable and efficient solar shading systems solutions, especially for large windows. This patented technology was designed to eliminate common issues like winding shaft deflection and fabric deformation, ensuring that the roller blind's fabric remains impeccably flat.


Technical highlights

  • Zero deflection and no V-effect: ZOOMTECH® blinds offer unparalleled flatness, eliminating the warping issues found in traditional roller blinds. 

  • Revolutionary Gravity-Compensation System: This innovative system, a core aspect of ZOOMTECH®'s patented technology, ensures smooth operation and longevity of the blinds.

  • Space-efficient and aesthetically pleasing: Despite its robust functionality, roller blinds with ZOOMTECH® technology offer a sleek integration into modern interior designs with minimal space requirements making it ideal for large windows and extensive glazing areas.

Tailor-made technology for large windows and glazing

ZOOMTECH® roller blinds are not just solar shading products but architectural statements which embody:

  • Consistent quality: Ensuring uniform appearance and functionality, even for the XXL roller blinds.
  • Customizable solutions: Tailored to meet specific architectural needs and ideal for large glazing areas.

Pioneering research: The ZOOMTECH® Academy

The ZOOMTECH® Academy is constantly pushing the boundaries of patented technology in solar shading. Their work ensures that ZOOMTECH® remains at the forefront of the industry, continually refining and expanding its applications.


Opportunities with ZOOMTECH®: For fabricators and distributors

The demand for advanced, high-quality solar shading solutions is on the rise. Becoming a ZOOMTECH® fabricator or distributor opens doors to a world of sophisticated roller blind technology, and ZOOMTECH® partners benefit from the brand's cutting-edge research and innovation.


Embracing the future with ZOOMTECH® 

ZOOMTECH® technology is not just leading but redefining the standards in the solar shading industry. Its commitment to zero deflection, ensured by the innovative gravity-compensation system, sets new benchmarks for solar shading solutions. Choose ZOOMTECH® for a future where technology and design converge seamlessly.


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