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Discover the revolutionary ZOOMTECH® technology that combines minimalist design with groundbreaking gravity compensation system, offering large-format roller blinds that seamlessly integrate into any space without compromising architectural intent. Explore how this innovation transforms shading for large glazed areas, providing privacy, thermoregulation, and an uninterrupted aesthetic appeal.

Architects and projectants strategically design shading technology to balance functionality and design, especially for large glazed areas. ZOOMTECH® large-format roller blinds stand out with their elegant and minimalist design, ensuring a seamless integration into any interior while preserving the architectural intent.


In harmony with nature


The increasing architectural trend leans towards living in harmony with nature and embracing more natural light. Large-format windows fulfill these desires but can pose challenges in choosing shading solutions that offer privacy, thermoregulation, and a decorative touch. ZOOMTECH® addresses this need, producing roller blinds tailored for large areas, preserving the architect's intended minimalist design.

Perfect large roller blinds without any bending

ZOOMTECH® technology marks a significant breakthrough in the roller blinds industry. This innovative gravity compensation system prevents bending and fabric deformation in large widths, all within an exceptionally minimalistic winding tube. Unlike traditional challenges of bending and deformation, ZOOMTECH® enables the production of larger roller blinds without compromising quality or aesthetics.

Customers can now enjoy roller blinds that remain pristine, free from unsightly bends, thanks to ZOOMTECH®. Fabricators benefit from offering a broader range of sizes and styles, showcasing the versatility and efficiency of this patented technology. ZOOMTECH® exemplifies the synergy of innovation, design, and a commitment to quality. This technology sets a new standard in the roller blind industry, promising a future that is both beautiful and functional.


Key features of ZOOMTECH® roller blinds:


1. Innovative Gravity Compensation: ZOOMTECH® prevents bending and fabric deformation, even in large widths.

2. Minimalistic design: Thanks to such a small winding tube diameter, ZOOMTECH® roller blinds can be seamlessly integrated into modern interiors without disrupting architectural concepts.

3. Versatility: Ideal for homes, offices, and commercial spaces, providing privacy without sacrificing natural light.


Ideal for all spaces


Transform your living or working space with ZOOMTECH® technology, redefining the ordinary roller blind experience into something extraordinary. Whether at home, in the office, or in commercial settings, ZOOMTECH® roller blinds bring you unparalleled shading solutions. Enjoy abundant natural light while maintaining the utmost privacy, connecting you to the outdoors in the heart of your space.


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